Whether you are a new or experienced road rider, commuter or bike tourer, proper alignment is an important component to all cyclists. Our Physiotherapist is a Certified Bicycling Fitter who can help you by addressing the biomechanical relationship between body and bike. A bike fit enables increased comfort, improved efficiency and injury prevention. Due to the repetitive nature of cycling, even small changes in positioning can result in great benefits. A Physiotherapist who understands the human body and nature of the sport of cycling can take much of the guess work out of how to set up your bike.

Each two hour bike fit session is individualized and includes history taking to determine your goals, current/previous issues, an off bike functional assessment, and on bike assessment. Following this examination, adjustments to the shoes, cleats, saddle and cockpit are made. An exercise program is then provided to address any biomechanical issues found. If components are recommended in order to improve your position on the bike, there are bike shops within the area that are happy to accommodate.